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  The story so far,

In April 2012 I accidentally posted the wrong skull to a customer. The sequence of events were actually quite ridiculous but what became obvious was that this skully had wanted to go travelling and had engineered and executed a brilliant plan to achieve his goal.

7th May 2012 SKULL TREK was born as a result of this skully’s adventures (we named him AWOL). Jam (above) has volunteered for this mission. He is a little Red Jasper skully and Jaspers are well known as travelling stones. He was meant to be put up for sale but every time I tried to photograph him the photos came out blurred. To make sure he was the skull for the job in hand, I tried again, this time they came out fine, in fact he looks quite pleased about it!

So what is he going to be doing? Quite simply, he will be travelling.

As a friend said when I explored the feasibility of this project: ‘It is fun, light hearted, joyful yet I think very important to the way skulls work too. Some of them really do want to travel and have a way of making this happen - AWOL clearly shows that! But also I think it is an idea that teaches about sharing, oneness, unity and is completely opposite to ego ideas of ownership - this is a real new earth idea that you have there I think!’


Hello! My name is Jam!

Tomorrow, 8th May 2012, I begin travelling the world. I will be posted to someone with a card that will say:

‘On the 8th May 2012, I began travelling the world. You have been asked to look after me for a maximum of one month. When our visit is over or you feel I am ready to move on, could you please ask another skully-caretaking friend if I can go visit with them next. Once they agree, you post me and this card to them and my journey continues.

Once you have posted me, could you please email Sharon with this info: your first name, geographic location (e.g. Gorleston UK/Noordhoek, South Africa), and the dates I stayed with you. If there is anything we have shared during this time that you feel would be of interest to others, and you are ok with others reading, we would be very grateful if you could email that too. We hope to create an e-book of my adventures in the future! You can share as much or as little as you choose.

The idea is not to send me to as many places as possible or even to send me as far away as possible. The idea is simply to explore... you will know where to send me next! Please just make sure that my next Host knows I am coming...’

Skully Blessings ­ Jam


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