Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


Basically it all comes down to one word... BALANCE. I'll keep it very simple... the Universe is Infinite... there are many Realms, Timelines, Dimensions, even Universes... the possibilities are endless. Without DARK, LIGHT cannot truly function as it is supposed to and vice versa. There has be a BALANCE... if you wish you can think of this BALANCE as the God/Deity/etc that you believe is The One that runs the whole shebang!

When that BALANCE is out of whack things start to go wrong... the planet will try to give you signs (earthquakes, tsunamis etc) so you need to learn how to recognise what's wrong and how to bring about BALANCE. Now in some cases this may mean a dose of DARK is required (example: a Dis-Ease that wipes out Hu-Mans to keep population under control or in others, a good dose of LIGHT (example: successfully saving precious resources that the planet needs to stay healthy, like, saving rainforests). Get the idea?

Simply speaking, there is a Natural Order to things... get the BALANCE right and everything runs tickety-boo, get it wrong and well... just take a look around you... However, it is not OUR job to decide what does or doesn't happen, we need to stop interfering and trying to control it.

Now before you bombard me with emails telling me I have it all wrong, please understand, the 'How It All Works' I am talking about here is how it has been shown to me. We are all different and we all have different Missions/Paths/Truths to find... we all walk an individual Path but ultimately our goal is to end this Hu-man existence where we are meant to be... our individual piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the Universe.

So... you just need to work out what your role in all of this is... this is then why some work with Angels, some with Elementals, some with Dragons, Crystals, the Fae, 'Aliens'... why some of you will have Guides, Ascended Masters or Skulls etc. to help you do your work. It doesn't matter what fancy name it is given... recognise it simply for what it is... your Path. And this is also why some will remain 'closed off' and some will exist within the DARK... that is the part they have to play in the BALANCE.

You may notice that I don't Copyright my musings... you think that's stupid huh? Well, I just don't claim ownership over it... it's doesn't 'belong' to just me, it 'belongs' to the Universe, you either resonate with it or you don't, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, you just have a different reason for your Existence. No-one owns the Universe remember... it just IS! So please don't steal any of my material and claim it as your own, simply place a link to my page and SHARE...

In Loving Unity, Sharon