Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


So who am I?

My name is Sharon, I live in Norfolk in the UK. I have many faces… a Wellbeing Facilitator (having trained and qualified in Crystal Energy)… an Artist (I paint Energy mostly)… a Graphic Designer and Teacher (that’s my day job) and a Crystal Skull Caretaker.

I am a behind-the-scenes kind of woman... I don't relish the attention... I much prefer to get on with my 'thing' without all the fanfare and fuss... that's just the way I do things...

A bit of a mystery figure, you won’t find any photos of me anywhere on this site, I absolutely hate having my photo taken.

I have tried to keep this site commerce free so I can focus on the crystal skulls. I do have a sales website and a FB page from which I sell crystals and my paintings. 25% of any paintings I sell goes to charity, to help causes I am passionate about.