Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


This series of Meditations manifested as a response to the culmination of the World Peace Meditations that Joshua Shapiro started in 2009.

I wanted to do something useful ­ I wanted to help. So I sat with my skullies and I told them what I wanted to do. It was Fluffy, my Rhodochrosite alien skull, that suggested sending Pure Love Energy to our precious Mother Earth. It was important that we allowed Mother Earth to decide where she sent that Energy. Fluffy didn’t want to send Healing Energy ­ Mother Earth is capable of healing herself, she just needed to know humanity still cares!…

I was guided to do 11 Meditations. Joshua’s World Peace Meditations finished in January 2011, so beginning in February 2011 meant 11 Meditations would bring us nicely to the end of the year. It was decided to direct the Energy to 01.01am and/or 01.01pm. No matter where you are in the World, you can simply direct the Energy to either or both of those times ­ creating a steady wave.

Initially these Meditations were posted on the Crystal Skulls Sanctuary site but after a Skype conversation with Joshua in July 2011, he suggested combining forces and bringing these Meditations to a wider audience.

And so this website came into being…

To access the 2 Meditations used in 2011, please follow this link…





‘One almost knocked my socks off! I was tuning in to the meditation as normal, and it was only when I decided, for some reason, to link in one of my small chembusters to the energy stream, well the energy knocked me right over! Whoosh! Lol. Took me a while to come back down and I have not invited the chembuster to join in since... shows how powerful they are.’

‘Each month the Meditations are getting stronger, it’s like holding hands but using our hearts instead!’

"The Mother Earth meditations have been a very powerful spiritual and energetic experience. I have joined in each month with a group of dedicated crystal skulls to form a Sacred Circle that anchors, generates and transmits the energies of love, gratitude and healing for our beautiful Mother Earth. With each meditation, I feel the energy increasing and have experienced the most amazing deepening of connection to Mother Earth. I can feel her respond to the energy that is being lovingly sent to her and this washes over our Sacred Circle as a wave of love so pure that it moves the Soul. I have realized that as we give our love and energy to Mother Earth, she hears us and feels us and, in return, gives her energy and love back to us. This is why I believe the energy grows and expands with each successive meditation – as we give healing to our Mother Earth, she gives healing to us and our energy vibrations become purer, higher and more amplified. I have also found that my sensitivity to Mother Earth has increased tremendously as well as my awareness of her as a sentient, living being. As we do these meditations, we are moving into greater resonance and harmony with our Mother Earth which helps us to create an active relationship with her – one of mutual love, harmony and respect."
 - Juanita McKenzie (ButterflyHeart)

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