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3-Question Readings

A batch of newly arrived Skullies guided me to offer Readings. This is not something I had done before, other than for friends, so this also proved to be a new challenge.

I love White Elk Woman’s ShadowLight Cards. White Elk Woman also created the Crystal Skull Message Cards, I sometimes use both decks, depending on the questions being asked.

What I love about these Cards is there is no booklet that gives a definitive ‘one size fits all’ answer to the questions being presented. The idea is that you have to go in search of the solution yourself, there is a different relevance for each person, we all live completely different lives after all. This is part of what makes these cards so unique.

I have chosen not to charge for this Service, I am a firm believer in helping people if I am able to do so. If you request a Reading and you would like to make a Donation, this can be done easily via the DONATE button on the right. Any Donations will be gratefully received.

If you wish to have a Reading, please contact me via the CONTACT Tab, clearly stating 3 questions you would like answered, your name and location (e.g. Jeff Jefferson, Norwich, UK). Readings will be undertaken within a reasonable period of time and the answers emailed to you with a brief explanation of how to interpret your Reading.

Blessings, Sharon

P.S. Legislation in the UK means I have to place a Disclaimer on this page to advise you that this Service is provided for entertainment purposes only!!!!!!


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