Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


I have always struggled with asking for money... not a good trait for someone in self-employment I know... but nonetheless it is something I have always felt at odds with, particularly when the 'product' I deal with is not physical.

For a very long time, people who have Spiritual 'Gifts' have been made to feel it is wrong to ask for payment for their services, the main argument for this being that it is a Gift and therefore a Gift should be given, not charged for.

My argument against that is, you wouldn't ask someone who has a Gift for sewing to make you a dress for nothing, the man who has a Gift for carpentry to make your kitchen cabinets for nothing, or the man who has a Gift with technology to fix your computer for nothing... so why are we made to feel Guilty for charging people when using our Gifts.

However, Knowledge is not a 'Gift', it's inherent in all of us... for some it's easy to tap into, for others it takes work or the words of another to trigger something within our own Inner Knowledge & Memories.

I admit, I squirm when I see yet another Workshop being promoted on How to Work with (insert whatever you like here).... or another Book claiming to tell you The Secret to (again insert your subject here).... this is something that makes me very uncomfortable indeed.

Knowledge, Wisdom, Insights.... call them whatever you wish.... should be Shared, from a place of Love, with Love and in Love...

Each of us has a wealth of Knowledge stored in our brains, far more than the Conscious Mind is even aware of. Think of your Knowledge as a Lending Library... you 'loan' one of your many volumes to someone who learns from it and in turn you 'are loaned' a volume from someone else. Everyone has something they can share... and when Knowledge is shared, further Insights and Understanding can be reached.

Hu-Mans have this incessant need to 'own' things but Knowledge is someone that belongs to all of us and is there to be shared and built upon...

It worked for our Ancestors, The Elders of the First Tribes, the Indigenous Peoples... so why can't it work for us?

Blessings, Sharon