Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


Sharon White Elk Woman

My love and experience of crystals & shamanic practises, along with my passion about past/parallel lives & ascension, led me to the amazing Crystal Skulls in 2003. I thought Vibrational Healing was transformative, but that had nothing on what I was to experience once I connected with the Crystal Skull Consciousness! I met The Crystal Skull Explorers in 2004 and my feet did not metaphorically touch the ground for months after my first 'official' introduction to working with the Crystal Skulls.

From 1997 I worked as a Medium, Healer, Spiritual Counsellor & Channel as well as offering Spiritual Art, Music, Talks, Groups, Workshops and whatever else Spirit wanted me to take on! At the end of 2006 I was inspired to create the Crystal Skull Message Cards with one of my soul mates and now business partner. This was a project that took over a year to come to fruition, but in January 2008 the cards arrived and Mystic Mouse Publishing was officially launched with its first product.

In 2010 we launched the Crystal Skull ShadowLight Cards and a Personal & Planetary Healing CD with Crystal Skulls which took inspiration from the original Crystal Skull Message Cards. We continue to produce "Inspiring Creations for the Ascension Dimension" inlcuding our latest addition, our first novel The Curious History of Joshua Ramdinkka.

Life took, and continues to take, many radical turns and
transitions as I am constantly evolving, so my website is rarely up to date! I do still offer Crystal Skull Initiations and Stargate Transmissions for those who are drawn, but my latest mission
is to prove that Lightworkers can be Entrepreneurs and have the life they desire!

Many Blessings on your path

Sharon White Elk Woman