Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


2013 saw the beginning of a new Cycle, a New Age, a new Consciousness, a new Dimension... whatever you wish to call it... but one thing is clear, the world as we know it IS changing.

More and more people are standing up for what they believe in, coming together to help one another in a common cause, this is what Unity Consciousness is really all about. We CAN make changes for the betterment of ALL, not just mankind, but the planet and all of it's inhabitants.

As the saying goes... we are the ones we have been waiting for!

What does this have to do with Meditations? Well, we felt that this year we wouldn't be doing a Meditation, rather we would be doing something a little different. A new Cycle warranted a new approach... in this case The Vision Tree! So, this year we are going to be coming together on the dates listed here, to drum...

Many of us now find ourselves being very strongly called back to Mother Nature. It is time to return to some of the old ways, to exist in harmony with Mother Earth, to honour her Cycles and Rhythms and Power.

To participate in the Vision Tree Drumming Circle, please follow this link.

If you feel inclined, please feel free to email me any pics of your own Vision Trees and I will put them onto the website. It would also be great if we could fill our Vision Tree with more words...


To find out more about THE VISION TREE
follow this link:


Equinox - Feb 1st 2014
Solstice - Mar 20th 2014
Equinox - May 1st 2014
Solstice - June 21st 2014
Equinox - Aug 1st 2014
Solstice - Sept 23rd 2014
Equinox - Oct 31st 2014
Solstice - Dec 21st 2014

Equinox: 1st Feb 2013
Solstice: 20th Mar 2013
Equinox: 1st May 2013
Solstice: 21st June 2013
Equinox: 1st Aug 2013
Solstice: 22nd Sept 2013
Equinox: 1st Nov 2013
Solstice: 21st Dec 2013

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