Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth


Let's get two things straight before we start...firstly, this is MY view and secondly there is no right or wrong way to work with skulls!

You'll have probably read about skulls needing to be 'activated' before you start working with them. I look at it this way.... skulls will come into your life when YOU are READY for them. It doesn't matter how 'activated' your skull is when you buy it... if you aren't of an equal or higher Vibration at that time... most likely nothing will happen! A skull doesn't need to be 'activated' to work with it... just communicate with it as you would anything else... relax... and see what happens. Some people find communication is more easily facilitated through meditation, others can simply chat to their crystalline friends. Just experiment, you will find the way that works for you. Give yourself time and don't expect to have the same experiences as those you may have read about. Working with skulls is a very personal thing and you will experience what you and your skull are meant to experience.

You'll also read about needing to 'cleanse' your skull before you work with it too. Well, there's 'cleansing' and there's cleansing. Sure, cleanse the skull from any negativity or bad energy but some will suggest a total cleanse, sometimes referred to as removing the programming. Why on earth would you want to remove that? Your skull has many stories to tell, why would you not want to learn as much as you could from it?

You may also read of skulls having been to sacred sites or in the presence of ancient skulls etc. Alot of this is a sales tactic. EVERY skull is capable of accessing Stonehenge, Avalon, Glastonbury etc etc... Being in the physical presence of these venues WILL give a stronger connection to these sites for sure but are not all skulls part of the Crystal Skull Consciousness... the Unity Consciousness? Therefore able to access all within it?

Remember, these are just my views but I hope they might help...

Blessings, Sharon